Sunday, July 27, 2008



Style:Collage, Expressionist

Medium: papers, gel medium beeswax on hand stretched canvas, edges painted.

Inspiration: The inspiration for this painting . I am a Registered nurse and although my specialty field was psychiatry I also worked several years in labor and delivery, the ER and general medicine. I have always enjoyed reading books written from the medical practitioners point of view in times prior to modern medicine and hearing accounts from my own grandmother who was a nurse in the 1930s and 40's. The blight of women and women's health issues left much to be desired in those days and often little more than folk medicine. Thus the inspiration for this collage was women's health issues before modern medicine as we know it.

An original mixed media collage painting utilizing painting, collaged papers in multiple layers built up one upon another,gel medium on a gallery wrapped hand stretched canvas. The painting is finished in a soft layer of beeswax lending to the vintage look of the piece.

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Lily Pang said...

Nice to know that you are a nurse. It is really unique because of your experience!