Monday, June 23, 2008

Synchronicity is off to Paris

I just sold this painting to someone in Paris..I'm always amazed when someone who lives in the art capital of the world buys my art. This painting is "Synchronicity", 24" x36" and painted with painting knives and drips straight from the brushes were used.
"Synchronicity can be defined as a non-causal but meaningful relationship between events or states of mind within the human psyche and events in the outside world. More simply, we could call it the experiences of "meaningful coincidence". We have all had experiences that we intuitively recognize as meaningful, though we would be hard pressed to explain them in rational terms. In fact, these "meaningful coincidences" are not coincidences at all but spontaneous realizations of the underlying interconnectedness of all things within the Universe." Laurence Boldt - Tao of Abundance

As Heraclitus put it, "The unseen design of things is more harmonious than the seen."


marion said...

That's fabulous. The painting itself, and that it is going to Paris. I see we have the same taste in writing, too!

Renée Gandy said...

I looked at your profile..we REALLY DO have similar taste..Joni and James are my all time favorites..for many many years.

Rosebud Collection said...

Good for you..The painting is wonderful..very interesting how you did it..Love the colors..just beautiful.

Louisiana Belle said...

This is a very lovely painting. Very vibrant, but soothing at the same time. Nice work.