Monday, August 31, 2009

Melange Image Transfer Challenge

The Melange team on Etsy hosted a "come and show us your favorite transfer method" challenge. My challenge piece uses Elmer's Caulk transfer and well as Lazertran transfer combined with oil painting. This is a 11"x14" hand stretched canvas..I painted the background in a thin oil and turpentine wash and let it dry thoroughly before beginning. The images with the printing are lazertran transfers I applied using pure turpentine to melt the Lazertran in to the oil primed canvas ...the flag is a toner copy image that I applied using Elmer's silicone well as the silhouettes of the solders...the soldiers were then over painted with a thin black oil glaze.This piece was commissioned by a psychiatrist at the VA hospital for his office.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Melange Challenge Archetype Angel

this weeks challenge word over on Melange blog for the Melange etsy team is "ARCHETYPE"

Title:"Angel Archetype"

According to Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, archetypes are innate universal psychic dispositions that form the substrate from which the basic themes of human life emerge. Being universal and innate, their influence can be detected in the form of myths, symbols, rituals and instincts of human beings. Archetypes are components of the collective unconscious and serve to organize, direct and inform human thought and behavior.

Medium: Encaustic paints,raw canvas sealed to MDF hardboard with encaustic medium , sawtooth hanger applied to back


An encaustic painting and collaged photo embedded on canvas covered wood panel. The words are inscribed into the encaustic paint with a metal stylus.this is also part of my Archetype Series ,based on the teachings of Carl Jung.

Archetype list

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